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 * Red Grapes



This varietal is one of the best known to make wines around the world. In our country. It has many characteristics.

View: It enjoys an intense ruby red colour with violet hues. Its colour depends on the area where it is elaborated. In some places, there are elaborated darker wines while in some others, there are elaborated clearer wines.

Aromas: The characteristics aromas of these se wines are of red fruits like red currants, berries and red flowers like tobacco, morello cherry, violet, truffle and leader.

The primary aromas of this wine is, the ones that are fresher and fruity that give the distinctive characteristic of it, are made of pepper, truffle, grape raisins, honey and mint.

Flavours: It is less tannic to the mouth than other varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon which is soft, fleshy and fruity. It tastes of plumb, grape raisins, honey and mint. They could be very nice when young due to that they do not have much tannins.


This varietal is, without doubts, one of the most important of all varietal wines around the world.
Our country has wines that are well positioned in the world.

View: It enjoys dark, intense, lively colours like ruby or red currants.

Aromas: The main aromas are sweet and black sweet pepper, cigar box, red currant, cedar, coconut and blackberry. The primary aromas of Cabernet Sauvignon are made of pepper, violets, truffle, cedar and leather.

Flavours: It tastes of pine, fir, cedar, graphite, chocolate and black olives. Through the time, this wine gets a good palate and good structure.


This varietal is considered of our country for excellence.

View: It enjoys an intense and dark colours. In some cases, they can not be distinguished from black colour. The colours are like cherry red or morello cherry.

Aromas: The main aromas of this wine are of morello cherries, plumbs, coffee, chocolate, leather, truffles, vanilla, and some others. The primary aromas are mainly truffle and vanilla.

Flavours: To the mouth, this wine tastes like plumb jam, morello cherry, chocolate, dried fruits and balsamic flavours. This kind of wines is warm, soft with sweet tannins that make them very nice.


This varietal is developing with great intensity in the Cuyo region, getting wines of quality that are known around the world.
This wine represents a great future for this new argentine varietal.

View: This wine enjoys intense and dark colours like raspberry or intense violet. These colours could be perceived when the wine is young. when it gets old though the time, it resist rusting.

Aromas: This wine contains very nice aromas such as coconuts, figs, dried fruits, vanilla, violet and many others.
The main aromas of this are of leather, truffle and violet.


This varietal is without doubts, one of the most selective to make varietal wines around the world.

View: When young, this wine enjoys intense colours like red and violet in some cases. When ageing, it terns into orange and get almost ochre in those wines which the time has been an important factor.

Aromas: To the nose, they are like red fruits such as cherry, black berries, plumbs, cinnamon, coconut, grass and some others. The primary aromas are determined by black currants, truffles and grass.

Flavours: To the mouth, this wine has low quantity of tannins and acidity to make that this wine could be appreciated. It tastes of strawberry, bilberries, plumbs, cherries, roses, anises and leather.
This wine varietal has a low production in our country but this does not mean that this has a low quality. On the contrary, they enjoy a good quality.


This varietal of Spanish origin is the key of red wines in our country.

Its expansion in the world has been low. Argentina is the second country with a big planted area.
Tempranillo was a varietal which was used to make simple and mass produced wines.
Today, this tendency is changing into elaboration of high quality wines.

View: Wines of good complexity and nice colour.

Aromas: It is of wild fruits in combination with tobacco, coffee, cocoa and dries fruits.

Flavours: This varietal contains high quantity of tannins and because of it, they are nice to the mouth. Tempranillo in combination with other varietal can get good results.

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