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 * White Grapes



This varietal of white grape is typical of Argentina and is very well known around the world.

View: It enjoys yellow colour. Some of them are green or gold. This depends on the area of production. The younger the wine is, the more gold the wines get.
When the wine is ageing, it shows gold hues which indicates that the process has been appropriated.

Aromas: To the nose, we find intense roses, peaches, honey and in many cases aroma of Muscat grape.
The primary aromas are of roses, white peaches and salad fruits.

Flavours: To the mouth, this wine tastes of orange peel, peaches, honey, oregano, camomile and Muscat. The combination of acidity and fruits flavours makes this wine sweet. In reality, it is an excellent dried wine.
When the wine develops in a correct way, its flavours change and the balance between fruity and floral flavours makes the wine rounds the mouth in an exceptional way.


It is one of the most important varietals to make white wines around the world . It is considered to be the noblest stock of the world.

View: It enjoys aromas of apples, pineapple, linden, toasts, vanilla and some others.

Aromas: The primary aromas are honey, cookies and amber.

Flavour: chardonnay has a wide variety of flavours.
Some of hem are apples, citrus, watermelon, pears, honey, wax, candy, minerals and some others.
This wine has a mixture of acids and resin notes and tannin touch for the wines which have passed for oak vessels.
Chardonnay has exceptional features in our country. Due to its harmony and balance, it is one of the more outstanding wine in the world.


This varietal is one of the most important to get dried wines, semidried and sweet wines around the world. In Argentina, Chenin Blanc is also used to get sparkling wines and champagnes of quality.

View: This varietal enjoys a light yellow colour. It could also shows light green with gold hues.

Aromas: They are like hazelnut, honeysuckles, cakes, apricots, pineapple, grass and some others.

Flavour: To the mouth, this wine has an equilibrated acidity. It tastes of apples, white peaches, nuts, hazelnuts, honey, etc. In Argentina, the production of dried wines which have excellent characteristics and are very well known around the world.


This varietal is extraordinary when it is well made. They could be dried or sweet.
Semillon is without doubts the most prestigious. This varietal is one of the oldest in our country. It could be drunk alone or in combination with other varietal like Sauvignon Blanc, getting wines of superlative quality.

View: It enjoys yellow colour with green hues and sometimes with hold hues.

Aromas: The main aromas are of citrus, peaches, apricots and some others, The primary aromas are of peach, apricot and honey.

Flavour: Although it seems fast and very equilibrated, its characteristic flavours are associated with the personality that is developed in the mouth. Its flavours are of peaches, herbs, some citrus, creams, honey, etc.
Dried and sweet wines are obtained from this varietal.


Some wines were called with geographic names of Foreign countries, mainly from France.
It happened from the beginning of the wine industry in our country when immigrants arrived here.

One example of this is the name of the Borgoña wine. This wine is from a place of that country where are obtained wines of high quality. In our country, this name of wine is often confused with a kind of grape.

Another example of this is the name “Chablis”. This name like the previous one is from a place in France which is very well known around the world for the production of white wines of high quality.

From the technical view point, this wine is elaborated with Chardonnay grapes from the Chablis region that is situated in the Northeast of our country. Therefore, Chablis does not belong to a grape varietal. These varietals of wine are called “Vinos Genericos” around the world.

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